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vineri, 29 noiembrie 2013

Sewing Tips & Home Living Friday Party #02

Dear friends, it was a full week for me and from my point of view, I am far away from the week-end. And tonight I am really exausted...But it's party time!!

First I would like to thank you to you, sweet ladies that you have joined my party. It was a honour for me to have you here, encouraging me. And because I am so thankfull to you, I decided to feature you all, so... 

Thank you, dear Shelia from Note Songs! All your dolls are simply adorable

Thank you, dear Donna from Donna's Lavender Nest ! I follow with interest your Quilt Block Sampler

Thank you, dear Jann from Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson ! I like all of your posts and I am delighted that you made by yourself this beautiful quilt

And thank you to you,Cara from Pink Stitches ! I love your projects, they are all gorgeous

As I promissed, I will share with you a sewing tip. It's a simple one, and perhaps some of you already knew that.. I'll show you how to make some bias tape, when you don't have a bias making tool and you can not either find the right bias tape as you need..
Step one. Cut a long strip of your fabric (the lenght you need) and double the width you need as in the picture.

Step two. Start folding the edges and iron, helping yourself with your fingers.

Step three. You're done! You have your bias tape from the fabric you needed.

Now let's have some party !!

(P.S. I continue telling to myself that maybe this party it's not such a good idea since I don't have enough time to spend for my blog... What do you think I should do? Going on with the party and hoping to gather sewing enthusiasts someday or should I stop?)

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Tilda doll! Hope you've had a wonderful week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. You are welcome Shelia! Even if I am not sure if this party it was a good idea..It seams there are not many people interested in sewing tips.. Hugs, Cristina


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