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marți, 30 iulie 2013

Roses are red... and pink and white..

In goana vietii multe lucruri frumoase trec pe langa noi fara sa le simtim prezenta . De multe ori ,  poate alerg sa ajung la o programare, sau merg pe strada gandind la lista de cumparaturi sau pur si simplu sunt prea obosita sa privesc in jur. Acelea sunt clipele cand pierd din vedere un cer senin care-mi sta deasupra, parcurile pline de copii in vacanta si florile vesele in gradinite. Trebuie sa recunosc totusi ca sunt norocoasa sa am parinti care traiesc la casa. Iar minunile de flori din curtea mamei mele opresc timpul in loc cand le admiri..

In the rush of life , many beautiful things go by without feeling their presence. Often, maybe I am runing to get to an appointment, or walking down the street thinking about  the shopping list or I am simply too tired to look around. Those are the moments when you miss the blue sky above, parks full of children on vacation and cheerful flowers in the garden. I must admit though that I'm lucky to have parents living in a land house. And the gorgeous flowers from my mother's yard can stop the time when you admire them..

What you say? Do you love flowers? 
Voi ce spuneti ? Iubiti florile?

Hugs, Cristina

2 comentarii:

  1. Good Afternoon Cristina, How lovely, you wrote a post about your mother's beautiful flowers and I wrote about mine.
    I love your mother's rose, it is so beautiful and such a gorgeous colour.
    The white flowers are so lovely as well, I think we call the plant a Snowball bush, because the blooms are round and look a little like a snowball. At first I thought it was a Hydrangea, but whichever plant it is, I really like it.
    You will have to thank your parents for allowing us to take a look at their lovely garden.
    Best Wishes

    1. Thank you Daphne! My mother say that the white flowers are Hydrangea, but maybe they are only cousins :). You have a lot more beautiful garden and flowers. Best wishes for you too! Cristina


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